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Who are we

Vincentius Kortessem is a group of volunteers that tries to offer support to fellow villagers who are having a hard time materially. We are a de facto association, subsection of the non-profit association Sint-Vincentiusvereniging Nationale Raad van België. We do this mainly by making a food package available every 2 weeks. Clothing, household items, toiletries are also offered. The customers pay a symbolic contribution for this (administration costs). A small fee is also charged for clothing. Families with children enjoy extra attention.

Sponsors & Collaboration


We regularly receive financial or material support from:

  • vzw De Wroeter

  • Aldi Kortessem

  • Okay Kortessem

  • Alvo Kortessem

  • graphic agency

  • Swennen Shoes

  • Smooksjuur

  • Magic tree/blossom

  • Rotary Bilzen Alden Biezen

  • De Hollogne mill


Combating poverty is not limited to begging for food, but requires a much broader approach. That is why Vincentius Kortessem seeks cooperation with other partners who also target our target group.
This cooperation is already happening with:



  • Chairwoman : Miet Wysmans

  • Financial management : Greg Claes

  • Secretary : Willy Stuyck

  • Core member : Jean Nijs

Outside this core, Vincentius can count on about 25 extra volunteers who enthusiastically assist in various activities.


In the period between the 2 world wars there was already a Vincentius Association active in Kortessem, to be restarted in the 1990s.
On December 20, 1993, a foundation meeting appointed Mrs. Josée Valkeneers as 1st chairman.
Between 1999 and 2007, Mh. Harry van Gemert passed the torch. From 2008 the management is in the hands of Mrs. Marèse Claesen.
The dispensations initially took place at the home of Harry van Gemert (Vliermaalroot, Wintershoven) via the presbyteries of Guigoven and Kortessem, the old school building in Vliermaalroot and Driesmans in Vliermaal.

to land again under the church tower in Kortessem. From May 1, 2022 you can find us at Kapittelstraat 5 in 3720 Kortessem

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