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Kleren hangen

How can I support your work?

  • As a voluntary employee , on a regular or occasional basis.

  • By making a monetary contribution (account number BE50 7350 1906 3518 ).

  • Donations over €40 are welcome at BE02 3100 3593 3940 Attn. National Council St. Vincentius with reference to St Lucia Kortessem . You will automatically receive a tax certificate for these donations.

  • By donating in good condition (pure and wearable) clothing, shoes, second-hand toys. Every Tuesday between 2 and 5 pm.


How do you get the food to hand out?

Many people in Belgium are starving and resort to food aid to provide themselves with food on a daily basis. We are committed to meeting this basic need.

Our organization distributes foodstuffs received from various sources:

  • ESF+ 

  • Margo . depot

  • Local self-employed and department stores

  • Wroeter Kortessem

  • Own purchases.


The Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived (FEAD). Through this fund, Belgium receives resources from the European Union to contribute to food aid and/or material aid.

The PPS Social Integration manages an amount from the European Union and this in close collaboration with its partners. With the support of this Fund, the PPS Social Integration annually provides more than 750 organizations and CPAS with products to be distributed free of charge to the most deprived in Belgium. All this in collaboration with the 9 food banks in the country, the Red Cross, Foodsavers Antwerp and Alimen'T.
The FEAD food aid is accompanied by accompanying social measures to help those concerned to find their way out of poverty.

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Where does Vincentius Kortessem get his money?

The main source of income comes from gifts from private individuals, in-kind donations from supermarkets and food shops, sales of clothing, municipal subsidies, support from Sint-Vincentius National and Provincial.

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